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A thank you note from an international parent…

Ester, we have no words to thank you so much since we first stepped through your gliding door and welcoming centre. It is funny that today Rosh Chodesh Adar we have completed a family full circle since you told us that our Chanchy is almost done with Medek for now. It was a real Marbim Besimcha for us. I can’t even compare our initial
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From a colleague

A beautiful tribute to an amazing woman who has given so many children the gift of mobility. I am proud to call her a colleague and a friend. Ellen

Olivia is able to ski!!

Amazing Olivia was not standing when we started and I just received a photo from her mother showing that she is now able to ski!! [flowplayer src=””]

Free to Play

Lilly was not able to put weight on her legs and after receiving treatment using the medek intervention she is now free to walk, run and play. [flowplayer src=””]  

Bravo Samsy, it took a lot of work to stand and walk but now you got it. Amazing job!

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