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A New Video with Ester Fink

Click here for a new video with Ester Fink: Sharing the lessons that I have learned from practicing the Medek intervention.    

What is Hypotonia?

One reference defines Hypotonia as a state of low muscle tone (the amount of tension or resistance to stretch in a muscle), often involving reduced muscle strength. MEDEK is an intervention for the stimulation of gross motor development (i.e. sittings, standing, walking) in infants at risk because of prematurity, an event during pregnancy or labour can be used to treat hypotina and other conditions such
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An Interview with Ester Fink, The Canadian MEDEK Centre™

What issues do parents most often come to you with?  What is your area of specialty? My area of expertise is with infants and young children with movement disorders.  I also see children with delayed motor milestones and parents who are concerned that there is a problem but are unable to identify it. Parents will often tell me that they have an older child
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Conference Notice

Current Trends in Paediatric Neuro-Developmental Disabilities A two day conference focusing on current findings, interventions and treatments. A two day conference focusing on current findings, interventions and treatments for children with neuro-developmental disabilities. Ester is speaking Monday May 26 at 1 PM. Ideal for health-related professionals, teachers and parents Supported by Zareinu Educational Centre, Shalva, and Hadassah Hospital Monday May 26 – Tuesday May
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