As a parent with a premature baby (24 weeks of gestation), I can honestly say that M.E.D.E.K. has done wonders for my little boy. He was diagnosed when he was one year of age with Spastic Diplegia. I took him for regular therapy at HMC. I found him to progress steadily but not as fast as I would like him to. Through the prenatal clinic at The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) I contacted Esther Fink and her staff regarding M.E.D.E.K. The progress he was making with M.E.D.E.K. was overwhelming. What he would gain through HMC in one month he would gain with M.E.D.E.K. in a week to ten days. I highly recommend to any parent who wants their child to walk to the best of their ability and as quickly as possible M.E.D.E.K. If you have any questions or concerns regarding M.E.D.E.K. do not hesitate to call me.

Helen Tzortzis
Guidance Secretary
(416) 423-9546

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