A thank you note from an international parent…

Ester, we have no words to thank you so much since we first stepped through your gliding door and welcoming centre.

It is funny that today Rosh Chodesh Adar we have completed a family full circle since you told us that our Chanchy is almost done with Medek for now. It was a real Marbim Besimcha for us.

I can’t even compare our initial “visit” to todays almost farewell! We came helpless, sad, depressed and confused. Questions and fears filled out hearts and minds. We had no sense of direction and saw no clear horizon.

Today 18 months later, we still question because we are human, but most questions are answered. We have strength and feel we have gone way above anyone’s expectations. On our first visit Chanchy was 7 week old and barely had head control, you insisted that we do the daily exercises and following your directions we did. From then on every 3 months when we would come to be assessed we marvelled at her accomplishments. There is no doubt in our minds that it was the 30 minutes of Medek exercises that we put into our Chanchy’s daily routine that made all this happen. She sat at 6 months, crawled at 9 months and now is walking and working her way up and down your boxes! We are sure that reaching these heights will have a tremendous effect on her future accomplishments, her self esteem and self image. Please let us know if we can speak with any parent who may feel like we did at the beginning so that we can assure them on the importance of discipline and structure with the therapy you showed us.

Today we feel like we got our first diploma and we know we yet have many more to reach and work towards….but as we take one day at a time, today we say thanks from being so professional, honest and of course so amazing.


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